Welcome to my Salon!

Hey there! So for my very first blog post I thought I should give you all a tour of my salon. I work from home in Fairburn, GA and I absolutely love it. Let’s get the tour started shall we!

When you first come in the salon you will see my IKEA drawers that have all of my projects and 3D work. The nails on the on the board are from sets I have done overtime and just like to experiment with on designs. To the right, the tall piece is my theme park ride which I will have an article on all of the pieces coming soon!

But the theme park ride is functioning and does sway, if you would like to see it in action there is a video on my Instagram @Southernly_Sweet_Nails. Next up is my little fisherman, he is so cute and is my very first 3D figure, which I made out of poly gel. Moving along is another set of nails in case that I made with stamping and then my tiara I made with traditional polish and lots of gel and stones. On the very end is my fairy rock band which I made in collaboration with Mrs. Tracy Vinson. It was so much fun! Be sure to check out her page to see what she created!

Next up is my pedicure area. This area is alway a work in progress as I don’t like how it looks, I feel as though it is very cluttered with the cords and the bookshelf. So overall the set up works, but my eyes just go crazy. I do roll the cart back after the service so that the area is clear.

Over head of the pedicure area is where I keep all of my certificates. While I will not go into detail of every certificate posted I will say that taking education further than school is essential and definitely makes you a much better nail tech. So yay! Go education!

Here we have my nail desk and beautiful back wall. I purchased my nail desk from Amazon, and so were my lamps. On the left wall is all of my gel polishes. They are a large range of products I have collected over time. On the wall to the right, is all of my traditional polishes. I don’t remember how many I have as I have given some away and toss old ones, but it should still be more than 450. I purchased my Ikea drawers from IKEA and the WiFi sign from Marshalls.

Lastly, to round out the room is my concessions area. This is where clients can have some coffee, water, and I plan on having snacks as well, as some have expressed they get the munchies.

I hope you enjoyed my lovely tour of my salon. It is definitely a labor of love and
I try to make sure everything is comfortable and well for my clients. If you all have any questions please reach out to me, I love answering questions and helping people. See you all again soon!

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