How I Became A Brand Ambassador

Hi everyone and welcome to another segment of my lovely life. Well I hope so… Today I will share with you all my journey on how I became a brand ambassador for the wonderful Light Elegance company.

It all began in July when I met the ever so amazing Darcy Olin. I have been creepily following Darcy for quite a while, as she has appeared in some YouTube videos and her knowledge and education peaked my interest. I am a person who seeks out others who have knowledge I want. I only want to learn from the best, and from my first encounter I could tell I made the perfect choice.

Nail Tech Event of The Smokies 2019

I ended up finally meeting her in July at the Nail Tech Event of The Smokies when they had there Gala dinner. Darcy knew who I was because I already added her on Facebook. That’s right folks, when you want an opportunity, take it! So while enjoying dinner she caught me in midchew and approached me and I was flabbergasted! I felt like the wind was just knocked out of me! I couldn’t believe I was meeting THEE DARCY OLIN! Oh I was living on a cloud that day!

We chatted for a bit and I asked for a picture, because I just had to prove to the folks back at home I just met Darcy, I mean come on, it’s Darcy!!! Ok, ok, let me calm down. I always get teared up. Anywho, the night continued on and before we left to go back to our Gatlinburg cabins, she came up to me again. Good lord, twice in one day? I was highly blessed and feeling favored that night. She brought me over to Jim, and I just froze. That’s right, I froze, because not only did I meet Darcy, but then I met Jim. The world had to stop turning I just know it.

After fangirling and telling him how much I loved his products and company and everything they stood for I finally was out of breath. It truly was amazing to meet people so well respected and full of knowledge and drive. I don’t put people on a platform but that night they were up a step!

Moving along, as time went pass for the next few months I have taken the time to work on my craft and my skills to seriously improve. I ventured out made things I never thought were possible. Now if you didn’t know, I love to make things that just aren’t normal, wearing extremely long stilettos or making 3D nail art that just stands out above the rest. It’s just what I do. I do it just because it simply makes me happy.

So for me when you stand out and then also take the time to exert yourself, and be proactive and show interest, a positive attitude and determination can get you far.

Through a series of conversations and also taking the classes with the fabulous LEU, or Light Elegance University, which is an article all of its own, I announced I had joined the team. Filled with so much joy and happiness I was happy to share my news. It really was a dream come true, I had the opportunity to meet the rest of the team including owner and fashion icon Lezlie, her gorgeous and very talented daughter Lexy, rockstar and business model Joseph, wizard of all things in house Angela, and social media super star photographer Kyle.

Everyone is truly just so amazing! Becoming an ambassador was a long road, it is fun, challenging, and held with high standards, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love everything about this company and everything they stand for and everyday I post something about them simply because it brings me joy. When you can represent a company or someone and talk about them all the time, that’s how you know you’re in good hands, kind of like Allstate. I’m in good hands.

What I like about them most is that they want to see you grow, not just as a nail tech, but as a person and an influencer. They are that family that wants to see you succeed in life. They want you to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. Ugh, such a great family they are! I could go on and on for days. But, I’ll keep it short.

Being an ambassador is very rewarding, very enlightening, and very exciting, but it takes hard work, passion, and drive. When you represent a company you always have to have on your show face, and be ready. My passion for educating others is what drives me, I love to help, I love to inspire, and I love to give back. If I could watch someone achieve their dreams like I am achieving mine. Then that’s all that matters. I just want to see you succeed, in everything you do.

I hope you all enjoyed my story, and if you ever have any questions be sure to reach out to me, I’m always here to help. I’ll see ya later sweets.

7 thoughts on “How I Became A Brand Ambassador

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! It is always inspiring to hear about someone’s path and motivation!! Your enthusiasm is so key!! Wishing you continued success on your journey with LE!!

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