Why is it important to have a mentor?

Hey everyone and welcome back! Today I wanted to share with you all why I believe it is important to have a nail mentor or mentorssss. I’m gonna present to you five of the most influential people in my life right now. They all have their special purpose and without them, well, I would cry!

Left to right clockwise. Darcy Olin, Tracy Salyers Vinson, Jim McConnell, RussAnna Bolin Dudley, and Michele Baker in the center.

Having a nail mentor or just a mentor in general is someone that helps guide you through life and gives you positive and negative feedback through everything you do. Maintaining an outside conscience, in my opinion, is necessary to have a solid and realistic foundation on life. When I look at these group of people I am thankful that each one thinks completely different of each other and has a separate outlook, but they all have have a common goal and that is to see others succeed. What an all star team!

Below I will go in to detail on why they mean so much to me, and how they continue to inspire my mind and others in this industry. I will be doing so in no particular order.

Educator Extraordinaire, Darcy Olin!

Meet Darcy! Darcy is a book of knowledge wrapped up in human form, to me she is a walking encyclopedia of nails. I wouldn’t be surprised if she told me the Greeks still use beetles as pigment for nail polish, I would just said yup, that’s true Darcy! Darcy holds a special place in my heart because she is someone I can always count on for tips and tricks to help me expand my mind and learn more in this industry. I met her in 2019 at the Nail Tech Event of The Smokies show and ever since I have just been tinkering with her brain and asking her a million questions. If you ever want to know something, ask Darcy!

Her brush is limitless, Michele Baker

Say hello the fiery Michele, she is a wonder to behold! Michele holds some amazing titles and is my number one for anything three dimensional. She has helped me with many of my projects and will forever sit at the royal round table. Michele’s artistry is only bound by her imagination, her amazing art pieces can only be appreciated truly in person. When I think of awesome she is to me and this industry I am always filled with so much joy because I know with her help, anything is possible. I beg of you all to visit her fb page just to receive a taste of what all she can do.

Competition? I am competition, RussAnna Bolin Dudley

Seasonal Greetings from the worlds best unicorn, RussAnna! Now, RussAnna and I go way back, we met initially when I was in school and from then on she hasn’t left my side, or shall I say I haven’t stopped clinging to hers! RussAnna is great on speed, precision, dedication, motivation, and compassion. While she is the most versatile of all my mentors, I love her in regards that she has motivation that is unparalleled to anyone I know. If she wants something she is gonna go out and get it. That support cannot just be found anywhere, so I’m definitely holding on to her forever.

A canvas is a world of possibility, Tracy Salyers Vinson

Introducing creative and innovative artist, Tracy! I call her Mrs. Tracy for short. Mrs. Tracy is my guiding hope, I don’t see myself as much of a painter, illusionist, or designer, but every-time I step outside my box and make something I’m reminded of her. If you haven’t met Mrs. Tracy then you need to, and first by taking her classes! She can create nearly anything, I’m always astounded how much she can pull from her mind by using one gel, or a foil, or even glitter, she is resourceful and will forever be innovative. She is what our industry needs and I’m thankful for her forever and ever.

Chemistry forms all bonds, Jim McConnell

Do you know what’s inside, well it matters! Come on over and meet Jim! Jim is held with very high regard as he is our national treasure, now let me tell you why. Jim, and along with his lovely wife and co creator, Lezlie, created Light Elegance, which we all know is my favorite brand after Mars and Murray. Jim to ME is a pioneer in our industry, no he wasn’t the first to create gel, but he did create the standard of knowing what’s in our products, and why knowledge of what we use is so important. Jim inspires me all the time in that he loves to educate and believes in the little guy. He believes that everyone starts from somewhere and with enough hard work we can be any thing we want to be.

All of my mentors are very dear to me and I will always advocate for them and everything they do. I will always support them, encourage them, and tell them, hey it’s Tuesday, have a happy Tuesday! Because they are my world, they instill in me that I’m a great nail technician, that I’m a great human, and I can be something to someone.

So if you ever need help with your scrollwork, don’t hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Tracy. Are you stuck on creating a star for your art piece then rattle Michele’s brain. Even if you want to gain speed, say hey RussAnna, have any tips? Or if you want to know if this product is safe, question Jim and find out. And as always, say hey Darcy could you help me understand something, she is there.

My mentors are not just mine, they are yours and they only want the best for you, just like I do, and when we all come together we form Captain Planet, I mean we improve this industry for the better. And that’s all we could ever ask for. I hope you all enjoyed my article, I am very passionate about my team, as you can see, and I hope you have discovered yours or are discovering. We all need a guiding light, let this be a nod that you’re on your way. I’ll see you soon sweets.

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