I love your honesty

HI! Welcome! So I had a compliment raised to me one day, and I take everything I hear and soak it in and tell myself, Madison, you’re doing good. Because, you shouldn’t just say thank you and walk off, no, accept it and feel their words. But, I felt these words differently, so here is my response.

One day while sitting in a nail salon with a few other nail techs who I love, I received a compliment from my dear friend. To be honest I didn’t understand what she meant, becauseI thought every one does what I do, apparently not.

She said to me, “I love your honesty”. It kind of triggered me as I thought gee thanks, what have I said? Did I once lie before? What she meant and went into detail was that I am raw, I show all of my flaws, and all of my mistakes. I take the time to include people on my journey and show them I am not perfect and there will be bumps along the way.

To me, I seriously thought everyone did this, so I just said thank you and let it be. It wasn’t until I got home that I sat down with her words. I pondered for a while and said dang, she is right. I just never thought of it that way. I thought what I did was what we all were supposed to do. So I looked it up. I went through peoples profiles and on YouTube. I noticed no one kept their beginning photos of their work, they only wanted to show the best. On YouTube, people cropped out their brush probably slipping or them touching the skin. You only see the best of what they can do and then boom the video skips to the end. Oh how pretty!

So as I sat and thought about her words and it made me feel really good inside, and forever on I said Madison, show people everything. Not to be more true to her words, but to be that one person in the industry that says yea, I messed up bad, here, y’all have a look see! I might be able to fix my own problem, or maybe you can, I won’t know until I show you, and that’s honestly how we even receive help in this industry. By exposing our flaws and asking for improvement.

As a result, I ask that you all be willing to show something, maybe one picture or something that gets people talking to help you. Because we all had to start from somewhere, don’t be worried about negative opinions. They are just that, an opinion, and it will not change how you run your business. I hope I gave you insight on how one compliment made the world of difference to me, and makes me proud of who I am, and thank you Miss wonderful nail tech for that awesome compliment. Until next time, I see you all later sweets.

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