My favorite Nail Technicians on YouTube

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about social media and who are my personal favorites I love to watch on YouTube. In this list I have included six of my go to nail techs that I could watch for hours! I mean marathons hunny!

In no particular order I will go through each of them and why I love them, and hopefully you might go and watch them too! They are pretty amazing!

Unique Nails By Tracey, is my favorite go to channel for her clean application, her lovely voice, and her interest in nails, period. I have watched probably every single video she has and I will keep them on a loop for hours! Tracey does acrylic nails which I use to do, but I still love how she applies it and mixes her glitters. It’s just something about hearing that “Hey all, hope YEEZ all is well” that just seriously makes my day. I hope she never stops filming videos. Go subscribe to Tracey!

Talia is the very first gel nail technician I ever saw. And honestly, when I saw her I was wondering why. When I used gel in school oh I hated it! I couldn’t believe someone would actually make it their career. But when I tell you she changed my nail life for the better I mean it. She did all of these fancy nails and had all these great techniques, I was like whoa?! I’m doing something wrong. So believe it or not, it was Talia who gave me the inspiration to switch to gel, and I have loved it ever since. I now collect LE gels like a hobby, and only offer gel manicures and extensions. GO GEL! And go subscribe to Talia!

Well hello Sarah! Sarahs Nail Secrets is the very first nail YouTube channel I ever saw. It was because of Sarah I saw that nails were far beyond lines and dots. I thought everything I saw at the nail salon down the road, was all that there could be. But no! I learned about encapsulation, glitter, and stones! My mind was blown, ever since then I stay referring back to her videos to see what’s new. She influenced me tremendously, and also changed my nail game. So yes, everyone please go subscribe to Sarah!

Have you ever heard of Isabel? If you haven’t then let me introduce you to her. Isabel of Isabel May Nails is one heck of a talented artist. She is so sweet and cute and does the most amazing nails. I love her channel for her studio vlogs where she brings you into her life and shows you the in and outs of her salon. Her videos are very well rounded and give great insight into the life of a day to day busy technician. She inspires me a lot and gives me hope that I’m gonna have wonderful clients like hers and they are gonna want fabulous artsy nails. If you are ever on YouTube, go follow Isabel!

Oh good ol Charlotte! Charlotte is an absolute joy to watch as she does acrylic nails but her application is absolutely flawless. I don’t think she even uses a file. Her work is the cleanliest most polished I think I ever seen. It is so soothing to watch Charlotte lay down her work. I aspire to be “Charlotte Good”. So if you haven’t already subscribed, check out Charlotte on YouTube!

Hey Celina hunny! So let me tell you all about Celina, her videos are freaking hilarious and she is a nail tech of the century, a natural artist on paper, she takes her talent to nails quite easily. I am always amazed at Celinas work, she astounds me every time. My favorite videos of hers are when she is at trade shows or teaches classes, they are the most intriguing. Celina will definitely keep you entertained, and always fresh with new ideas. Go check out Celina!

All of these wonderful people are special in their own way, and are very creative. While I do not promote YouTube university, I do want you to seek out these people for their professional knowledge, expertise, and craft. They are all licensed industry professionals and put 110% into their work. I hope this can bring you insight into the nail world of YouTube, and until later Ill see you later sweets!

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