Are you expensive?

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! I’m so excited you all can enjoy me on this very interesting topic. Ive had it come to me recently when I had a client stop by. Let’s tune in below to see what happened.

So lets start from the beginning, you see I have only been doing nails for two years. Next January will make my 3rd year. Oh my goodness how time flies! Now, I have never changed my prices, I have always waited until either I had enough clients or I felt like I had enough education behind me to reason with why my prices are what they are.

I hope that makes sense. But either way, I finally raised my prices in August 2020. I was extremely nervous as I didn’t want to lose anyone because I cherish them dearly, the very few I do have. However, I had to hold my ground and stay true to myself, I have to pay bills you know!

Now, to gain more clients I decided to put out a flyer on craigslist. Oh I was very hesitant to do that as I just knew that would be me signing up for something possibly crazy. But no, that was not the case. What I did receive were three people from the flyer. Now, because of the variety, I did take down the ad, as I did not think I would gain any permanent clients from the ones who came. You might say that’s a little early after just three, but trust me, three was all I needed to confirm to take it down.

I thoroughly enjoyed all three people when they came. But what I want to make clear before I continue on, is that where you look, beware that you might not get what you ask for. I will explain further. The point of us as nail technicians is to do what we love and do it well. We have prices that we must live off of. There is nothing else that pays our bills. As a result, you MUST stand by your prices 100%. I was challenged by this for the first time, and I am sure it will not be the last time. But I stayed true to myself, and the quality I give.

As a result, I learned from a client, I cannot live in their wallet. I cannot live off their budget, and I cannot live off of what they think they should pay. So my question to myself was, “ Am I expensive?’. My answer is no, and why is that? It is because my prices are reasonable. There are people who are cheaper than me, and there are people who charge more than me. But am I expensive? I guess to some I am, and to others I’m not. But that isn’t for me to worry about. Nails are a luxury. You do not need enhancements to live, nor to function.

Having nail enhancements is a process that requires maintenance, good use of your hands so you don’t damage them, and is overall a privilege. Having knowledge to give great enhancements is expensive though. it costs to take classes, it costs to travel and take those classes, and it costs to have supplies. So I don’t ask, are my nails expensive? I say to myself nails are a luxury, and to have what I give is a luxury. As nail techs we shall not forget that. You will never walk into walmart and tell them their coffee maker is expensive lower the price so you can purchase it, so do not let a client tell you what you should charge. Ok?

I hope you all have enjoyed my article and be sure to stay true to yourselves and always hold your ground. You are absolutely wonderful and what you do is wonderful. Never forget that, love you all sweets and I’ll see you all later.

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