Accomplished? Are you?

Hey everyone and welcome back to another blog post featuring your favorite southern belle of the south, ME! Today I wanted to talk about something just come to me recently when I was on social media. What it was about is your personal accomplishments in the nail industry. Let’s dive a little further so you can see what I mean.

In todays age we seem to cherish every little thing that makes someone great, we also don’t give enough credit where credit is due. So for me I wanted to do a nice blend of this in my life, and that is I wanted to show you all that in this industry we need to show more of our accomplishments. Think about it, we take all these classes and go on all these trips, but do we ever showcase them? We might dabble a little here and there, but do we ever really tell our story?

So for me, everything I do in the nail industry is important because I didn’t finish college. Do I ever regret it? Yes, sometimes, but now no, because I love where I am in life, and I wouldn’t ever change that. But, I do want to see myself succeed, and I want my family and friends to me succeed. That’s very important to me. As a result, I show off everything I do, because that’s my personal accomplishment, that’s me saying yea I did that, SEE! It isn’t me being flashy or showing off, its my personal achievement and I have a right to be proud about it.

I think we all have right to be proud of what we do. As nail techs it is up to us to crack all stereotypes and show that we are more than what people think we are. We go take extra classes, we participate in camps, we also attend trade shows, and much more, so it would be behooving of us to show people we fantastic and we are always on top of our education. So showcase those achievements!

So for every award, certificate, magazine article, featured publication, I am gonna be right there front and center saying, “Hey mom!” Look I made it, because I am proud of where I been and I am proud of where I am going. I hope you all enjoyed this little time with me and I thank you for reading, until next time I will see you all later sweets!

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