I work in a salon!!!

Hey everyone and welcome back to another fabulous blog post! I am sorry its been so long since I have written up an article but I have been so busy with this piece of good new and my bird! Oh gosh where do I even begin? I guess the salon of course!

So yes! The big news is I have been hired at a nail salon and I am shockingly so excited! I have been working for myself for two years now and it has been amazing however I haven’t been doing nails everyday like I have wanted. I work from home so the foot traffic isn’t always there. However, I have remained hopeful that I would bring in more clients, but sadly they have slowly come in and peddled through.

The salon I am now working at is Frenchies Modern Nail Care. It is an all natural salon focusing on mainly regular polish and gel polish on natural nails. No extensions here! So that was a bit of a bummer. Oh well. If anything like I said I am just happy to do nails everyday, I would love to just get out of this truck, once and for all.

The salon is located in Newnan, Ga, just 30 minutes south of Atlanta, but much closer to my home which is fabulous. I also will get to see my dad more which is great too!

What I love about the salon is that it is super clean and very wide and opened spaced. It is located in an old Victorian house that is a commercial space now, its absolutely marvelous. A true sight to see! When I first approached it, I asked my mom, “Are we at the right place”? It really is so cute.

While it has another two weeks possibly before opening, I am very excited for this future. Most of the nail techs I know have worked in a salon environment before they went out on their own. So I am very optimistic to see how it goes. I do have my fingers crossed. Until then, check back in soon for another article southern sweets!

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