Hey all you lovable southern sweeties!! Today I wanna talk to you about the healthy struggle. And while I am a very private person, that’s not what this blog is for. It is to bring you all closer into my life and give you a insiders look into my world. Many have had questions, I am here to answer them.

To start off, the salon is going very well, I am the lead nail technician and I will be doing wonderful services. The salon I work at is an all natural salon so we will be doing services on natural nails, such as manicures and pedicures with regular or gel polish. No extensions here. To many who have done their research and have gladly inboxed me, this is a shock as I do only extensions. And while I’m with you all, I love my extensions and my hard gel, the reason I applied is because I just want to do nails. I have been a nail technician going on almost 3 years and all I want to do is nails, everyday.

To most people this is settling or not utilizing my full potential or as one coworker said, I’m getting in my own way. But if you know me truly, you will understand I just want to do nails, I don’t care if they’re short, long, plain or stoned. I just want to do my passion. So if anyone can’t understand that, then that is on them. I’m doing what I like to do, polish a finger and scrub a foot. That’s it.

The salon owner and I, plus another team member had a meeting and we discussed that she would like to branch out of just natural care and offer extensions but not acrylic and no dust flying everywhere she said. As she is realizing the market is much bigger than what the franchise brand offers. Y’all gotta give her credit though, she is new to the industry and is trying to make her dream flourish just like I am doing mine. So I am glad she is willing to do more, so that means yes, I will get to do what I like to do there. Will I be using LE? No, I will be using the salons products, BUT, this is a ongoing phase as the franchise is still in effect and what I will be doing is under the table. So to me, I still win, unless I sound delusional? Extensions, clients, salon life? Sounds like a plan, but let’s not forget why we even applied.

Anywho, I hope that answers your many inboxed questions. I am still driving trucks, well, in the guard shack at my job working evenings as trucking money is not salon money, and since it is brand new, the clients are slowly pouring in until we get a name going for our community.

For now I will do the heavy juggle of having two jobs and a little less sleep just to phase one out and go into another. I know it won’t be easy and will be very taxing but I’m excited. I’m excited to try and do what so many others got to do that I never took the leap to try. I just wanna see how it goes. I honestly have nothing to lose. So far, I’m gaining and that makes me feel great.

Only thing is I am struggling with is my outside obligations, and I’m determined to make it work. As we well know or don’t know I am a fabulously wonderful and talented Light Elegance Brand Ambassador and now I see how it goes getting things in on time. I also have some clients from doing nails at home. I have to make all that fit into my new cramped schedule. Which means any off time is still work time. Because I’m going places, or I believe I am, and I know if I work hard enough I’m gonna get there. And I’m gonna look back and be tired and think, oowee we did it!

No one is gonna build my success, I have to do it all on my own. Every hurdle and obstacle I have to fight is my fight. I don’t ask for favors, money, gifts, or food. I make it happen all on my own. And while this might just be adulting, to me it’s surviving through the chaos of building an empire. I know I’m going to succeed, I’ve probably already succeeded with a few things, I’m determined to reach every goal I set for myself. Thank you all for taking the time to ready this personal post, I hope it brought a little insight to what’s going on. I’ll catch with you all in a bit, see ya later sweets!

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