Light Elegance Winter 2021 Its All About Me Collection!

The Glitters are stunning!

These glitters are absolutely stunning! Couldn’t ask for a more better set! Let’s zoom in on each one.

I’ve Got Issues is a beautiful mix of fuchsia, plum, and pink glitters. Coming together to make a whirl of fun!
Temper Tantrum is a lovely pink and silver creating a wonderful metallic shade, now that’s amazing to stare at!
I Need Attention is a powerful pop of color featuring pinks, oranges, red, purples, and greens to create a fantasy of color! Always be ready for a party with this fabulous glitter!
In The Limelight is a shiny metallic silver glitter with a twinkle of holo crystals throughout. Talk about star power!
Me, Me, Me is an antique gold glitter with holographic pieces spread throughout. To me this is our classic color for every skin tone.
I’m Always Right is wonderful winter blue/silvery grey. This is a wonderful jam packed glitter perfect for snowy nails!

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