Have you ever felt unappreciated?

Hi all and welcome back! Gosh it’s been so long since I wrote anything I almost didn’t know what was next! But then I remembered, I made this blog so that I could write at anytime I like without any obligations. Ahhh what a feeling. Any who, something came across my mind like it always does and I finally pushed myself to speak on it publicly.

I would like to mention that honestly, sometimes I feel unappreciated. I won’t go into specifics of why that is, and who makes me feel that way, but I feel as though in general we all kind of feel that way at some point in our nail career. Whether it be by clients, family, or friends, we kind of get into our feelings about certain things. Well I am here to tell you that I think it’s ok, that’s right! It is perfectly normal to feel any kind of way you feel and not be judged by it. Because it is human of you to have feelings.

The feelings I want to share are that I always feel as though I am in completion with my peers. While I know that is not the case because we are all marketable in specific areas and everyone likes us for who we are. It is still something that runs through my mind as I am always striving to be the best I can be. But my best, is always me wanting to be a step ahead. But where I get lost and have to find myself is that I can only compete with people on my level, and guess what! Only I am on that level! Say what?! Yes!! Only I like what I like and do what I do. So why is there competition then Madison? Because we as humans want what others have. We are grateful for what we possess but we strive for more.

That’s how competition works! In my case, I learned I couldn’t draw, like I can look at something and get a rough copy, or trace something, but flat out draw and it just looks delicious isn’t going to happen. Another is abstract art, I am not here for it, I think it’s absolutely beautiful and I look at it just as much as I look at marble nails, but my mind is not gonna swatch some polish across a nail and add lines and dots and call it art. Nope not here for it, but let someone else do it, oh I am in a trance!

I learned a few months ago that it is simply ok do to do what you like and that’s it. No trying to “do it all” and achieve everything. It’s kind of unattainable, because at the end of the day, your mind is going to go back to what you like to do versus what you always see, whether that be marble, stamping, alcohol inks, or any medium. You’re gonna fall into a niche.

So why would I still feel unappreciated if I have found my niche and realize there’s no competition? Because the love and support I do get, isn’t always nail related, but because I am passionate about it the most, I look above and beyond for acceptance that I already have. It’s a tough pill but I make the best of it. There are things here and there that make me question am I enough, why wasn’t I picked, I thought it was nice why didn’t they? All those come across my mind and I silence them in regards that I’m gonna do something outstanding and really show the nail world who Madison is.

I have yet to fully tell my story and show everyone who Madison is and what she can do. But I’m on the way, I will be happy, sad, excited, exhausted, exhilarated, and unappreciated, but I will work through all the emotions to make my nail dreams come true. I share this with you all to say it is ok to have your feelings, and it is ok to want to speak out on what you feel. I honestly feel better just writing my story to you all. I hope this comes with love and passion and the most honest sincere-ness. I can’t wait for the new year, lots more to come! I’ll see ya later southern sweeties!

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