Who makes an impact on you in your career?

Hello all!! Today I want to spotlight Kelsey Louise and RussAnna Bolin Dudley.

I have spoken privately to both of these wonderful competitors in competitions, and they are no stranger to the nail game. Both absolutely amazing in their fields and have lots of accolades to show for it. They have given me significant advice when it came to a huge decision I’m glad I followed through on.

I have been very outspoken on my opinion on not doing competitions, and with both of their help they have changed my mind in the upmost positive way. I finally found the courage to partake in one the biggest competitions and I was going to audition to join it last year. The only catch was, if I did the competition, I couldn’t be a brand ambassador, per their rules. But with careful consideration and their words of wisdom I made a better choice.

I chose to be a Brand Ambassador for Light Elegance Nail Products. It’s what I wanted the most. Darcy Olin and Jim McConnell have been by my side 100% of the way helping me carve my future. They have given me countless advice and many pointers to get me to where I am today.

I am so proud of my decision and proud of myself for following through what is best for me. Turns out more doors have opened and through everyone’s help, I have found new opportunities in the nail world.

I came in the year of Coronavirus, but I persevered through and still made show stopping pieces, attended a big nail show, rode toand enjoyed a phenomenal nail camp with Jessica Briarmoon, and even made it into magazines! I guess you could say my 2020 was pretty darn great.

So thank you Kelsey, and thank you RussAnna, y’all are truly the keys to success and I’m thankful for you. I definitely encourage you all to find their social media and give their page some love and even reach out. They are always willing to help out and give good insight.

Thank you all for reading my new post! I’m excited for the new year and all it has to bring, it’s gonna be amazing! I’ll talk to you later sweets!

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