How does your salon smell?

Hi everyone and welcome back to another amazing blog post. I invite you all to question yourselves, how does your salon smell? Do you know, do you really know? Do you ask your clients, would you whisper to your cousin, does it smell nice? Well your clients know, better believe it makes a difference!

Well what should you do if your salon is not smelling so fresh? Well first, let’s target the not so good smells we might not be aware of. Do you have any open containers? Is there laundry that should be in a room behind closed doors? Is your ventilation being properly ventilated to the outside areas? Taking the time to ensure your salon has kept up with regular maintenance along with disposing of garbage is very important to ensuring your salon doesn’t have any odors flying about.

For me, when I walk in a salon I always notice the smell, I am instantly transported to another dimension and it is my first if not second impression after I see the area. I’m accustomed to the monomer smell that most salons have as it is extremely hard to dissipate and disappear in the air. However, unwanted smells can be quite a nuisance and really disturb the atmosphere and sensation I am trying to experience in my personal time at the salon.

But did you know that even good smells can be a bother too. That’s right! Some people have allergies or sensitivities to certain smells, and while we might like one thing, it can be bad for another. Take for instance the example fruit, we generally believe all fruit smell good, but not all brands may make apple smell the same. I for one prefer a soft granny apple fresh scent, while other times I want a harder McIntosh apple that would be more tart and strong. It’s these small considerations that will make a difference in how our overall salon is perceived.

So what should you do to appease the general public? First you could try taking a survey, while it may sound silly, it could be a very effective way to give a personalized experience to your clientele. Offering enchanting seasonal options or more relaxed scents could diversify you from your competition!

Depending on your salon and you run it, you could see what medium works best for you. Candles are a great option for spas, while diffusers would make a perfect addition to a pedicure area. Are you quite busy and can’t be busy changing out your fragrances often? Well how about a plug in for the wall? Discovering your special touch for your salon is always going to be exciting, trying new things will bring excitement to your clients too!

Taking the time to give your clients a beautiful environment with a wondrous smell is going to set you apart. I invite you to search a local business and support your economy, or perhaps take part in a company offering you a special or discount with a subscription. Many options are available to those who reach out and discover it. So are you excited to make your salon smell new? I sure am! Thanks for reading southernly sweets! Until next time, I will smell you later!

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