I bought a new E-File!

Hi everyone! It’s morning here and I’m so excited to share something fabulous with you! My new e-file! I know, can it really be that exciting? The answer is a big YES!! Yes it is. I’ll tell you why.

Like most new nail techs in the industry I find myself seeing we can’t jump on the professional e-files and so we buy what we can and just make do. I am one of those nail technicians. When I first started doing nails I wanted something cheap and affordable and that simply got the job done. Therefore, I went to amazon and picked up a Makartt tabletop e-file. It was purple it was around $60 and it worked.

It was nice, until I started going through them like a pack of gum. I had 3 total, so eventually spending around $180… not too happy, was I. What I found is that those little holes on the hand piece are crucial, they allow dust in and eventually it will clog your file. It was terrible, and then also, you cannot simply take it apart to clean it. Otherwise it cannot be put back together, I learned this with my first e-file, when I took it apart. I purchased that one on Amazon too.

Well eventually mom saved the day as I needed another e-file before my next client came. This time I thought I would try something different. So I received a portable one and I liked it very much. It’s a Melody Susie e-file and it had wonderful reviews on Amazon, absolutely wonderful.

But it literally was falling apart. The dust collected so bad in the hand piece that it stopped rotating! None of my files did that so far. They just stopped working, this one stopped, started, and got really hot! I was beyond frustrated, and I felt really bad as it was the one my mother purchased for me, for my birthday. I was really let down.

So I had to make a choice, are you really going to keep buying cheap e-files on Amazon year after year? Are you willing to keep wasting your money like that? Of course I told myself no. But I knew in this very moment, I could not afford to put down hundreds of dollars for a professional quality e-file. What was a young, beautiful, oh so lovely girl to do?

She saw a payment plan! That’s right! On Medicool’s website they have Sezzle, and with that you can make payments and that’s exactly what I opted to do! After making the first payment they shipped it right on out and to my door it went! Without a huff and puff and flick and a flang I was happy it sent. Oh goodness, I feel like Dr. Suess… excuse me.

I was glad when it came as hurried and opened the box as if it was a new toy! It was so beautiful and shiny and had a carrying case with a nice lanyard. A clip and charger was also included, and also was fully charged when it arrived. Just wow! *tear*. I purchased the Medicool Pro Power 35k Portable. I’ve seen this one and it had stellar reviews and also used by a great brand. I had to have it.

Everything was so neatly placed in the box and took it out to try it of course on a few nails and I loved it!! It was so much quieter than my current e-file. It didn’t vibrate, which I really didn’t fully understand until now, but it had a nice hard sturdy feel. You can tell it was crafted with quality in mind. My old one felt light and cheap compared it. I was definitely excited.

I can’t wait to use it on my clients now and feel the difference, I’m super excited. All I need now is another dust collector since I dropped the first one. Whoops… don’t be a Madison folks…I’m sure I’m gonna forget to give updates on how it operates and how it has been handling, but of course you can always message me and I’ll tell you about it as days pass, and I can continue to review it. I also won’t be able to compare it to other e-files on the market by other brands. As I haven’t used those so I don’t how they truly operate and can’t have a firm basis to use for a review.

If you’re in the market to buy a quality e-file I highly suggest you take the plunge to buy a reputable one that has tons of reviews and people can give you insight on how it works. For me, the tiny holes on the handpiece was my biggest sale, I will never own one ever again because I know that is the number one reason “to me” on how they can get clogged. I might need a little more education on cleaning the handpiece, but I didn’t purchase a quality efile from Atwood Industries initially where you can send it in for great servicing, I went to amazon!

So weigh your pros and cons and if you would like any sound advice, reach out to other nail technicians as well and get their opinions. We should be willing to be open to help. Thank you all for listening to my excitement as a new day is here! I’ll talk to you all next time! See you later sweets!

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