I moved my salon!

Hi everyone and welcome to another wonderful blog post! I missed you all so much! So much has happened recently and I’m glad I can share this exciting news! So as you all know I have always worked at home, converting my living room into a full salon. For a while this was very beneficialContinue reading “I moved my salon!”

I quit my job!

Hi everyone and welcome back to a surprisingly unannounced blog post! It’s a shocker, but at least I told you the conclusion in the headline right? Well let’s continue reading below to see exactly what’s going on and how did it happen that way! Well it all started with what was my current job, IContinue reading “I quit my job!”

Why am I excited about the Nail Tech Event Of The Smokies?

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another exciting blog post. Today we are talking about one of grandest shows in the south! The Nail Tech Event of The Smokies! This creative and elaborate show is a one day nail only event bringing you classes, demonstrations, and shopping galore! Let’s dive in to see what this showContinue reading “Why am I excited about the Nail Tech Event Of The Smokies?”


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