Have you read Paula’s new book, “All That Glitters”?

Hi! Welcome back, I know it has been a minute since I’ve written and I do want to become more structured than I am currently. I’m always trying to do something, but I just never plan it right. Well when it comes to Paula Nichols Davies new book, All That Glitters. It is nice noviceContinue reading “Have you read Paula’s new book, “All That Glitters”?”

I didn’t give my client what she wanted.

Hi! Happy Saturday!! It’s sun shiny over here and I’m loving it! Today I wanted to talk about something as “artists” we go through or will experience at some point. I had a new client who I have always wanted, she has always been a dream because she achieves so much in life and inContinue reading “I didn’t give my client what she wanted.”