What I have learned from being a nail tech for the past two years

Hi! Welcome all, welcome! Today I wanted to share some personal experiences I have encountered from beginning to well, currently, doing nails, that maybe some of you have experienced, will experience, or won’t experience. Who knows?

I would like to start off and say this article has no intent to bash, belittle, humiliate, destroy, tarnish, boogie woogie, flam jam, or put down someone’s good name. In fact I will not be even using names, but more so sharing instances. I do hope you all enjoy and we shall begin!

Clients come and go, but more so go. I would like to put emphasis on that, because you are going to be very excited but you will find out, just like people can prefer Walmart or Target, they will also prefer you over someone else or vice versa. So be excited for your new clients, give them the best service, but don’t expect 100% to stay.

Also piggybacking off of that, clients will run to you for a discount, if you having a special to bring in people, they will come for just that special, I have had regular clients come and ask for that special even though it doesn’t apply to them. So be mindful that they will reap the special but bounce off to the next and the next tech to fit within their budget.

Now clients have budgets, just like we have budgets on groceries. Our job is to see if we can extend that budget, see if we can nudge in a little more art or or some stones to bedazzle them. They will say no or they will say yes. But if they say no, try wearing it next time. A majority of your clients love what you have on, or what they have seen. You never know happens until you try right?

Let’s talk about Pinterest, Pinterest can be your friend if you really want it to. Most of the time nail techs frown upon Pinterest, but in actuality it’s great for when you feel burnt out of ideas or you want to try something new. We all look at nails everyday on social media, Pinterest is literally that with a different name. Am I right? So don’t be afraid of Pinterest, embrace it.

We all love our family and friends right? Why yes we do, but they will make your best and worst clients. More so your worse. For me, it was some friends, few family. I say that because some people can be very picky, and when people are free, they should be less picky in my opinion. Also, they want you to be free and ready when you need them because you’re close. No, you have a life to, always remember that and schedule them accordingly.

Do you know what else you should embrace? Loyalty! That’s right, I give my loyal clients great perks whether they know it or not. Because I want them to always feel special! My service should always be different from what you receive at other salons. That’s how you get them stay longer.

Now as you branch off from the table you might be interested in nail classes, like lil ol me! Well I love nail courses, but my biggest mistake and honestly why I started this WHOLE article is because you should only take classes you are interested in, that will help you, or help your clients. I say that because I have taken some classes that I simply did not need. Not that they weren’t important, they just weren’t for me. Each class will be viewed differently. So please be sure to register for ones that you know will benefit you.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on critics, you will receive criticism all your nail tech career. Some jealous person, hater, or simply bored person will troll you, while others will give you positive criticism. Listen to the positive criticism, it will guide, mold, and enrich you to be a better nail technician. And also, listen to your clients, they don’t always know nails, but they know what looks good on them, and it could give you a good perspective on trying something new.

While I have many more tips and tricks, and experiences to write about, I shall save them for a new post, until then, I hope this has been fun for you as it was for me. Might even be relatable. Thanks for tuning in and until next time, I’ll see you later sweets!

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